How to Remove Tree Sap

Last night when I parked my car, I left it under tree, and when I came back to my car this morning, what did I find? You guessed it. Tree sap. The tree had dripped sap all over my window. Now, if you remember when you were a child playing in the front yard, tree sap is extremely sticky and very hard to get off of nearly everything.
However there is a way to remove the sap from your window, and you can do it at home. Here's how in 5 easy steps:

1.) Using a damp cloth, clean the area around the sap to remove dirt and debris. This will help you target the sap directly.
2.) Take a cotton ball and soak it in rubbing alcohol, dab the cotton ball over the tree sap. As soon as it has sap on it, change out the cotton ball.
3.) Rinse the window with warm water. If the sap is still there, use a commercial bug and tar remover.
4.) Apply the bug and tar remover onto a damp washcloth and follow the directions on the bottle. Keep applying until the sap is completely removed.
5.) Finish up by spraying window cleaner on the window to remove any remaining bits and pieces on dirt, debris, and sap around the area. Wipe clean with a soft cloth or paper towel.

If you would prefer to have the sap removed by professionals, bring your car into our location today and we will take care of it for you.

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