We Now Detail Spaceships

Right now, the hype is all about Electric cars. They use a minimal amount of gas and reduce noise pollution. While the idea of getting rid of all those annoying, noisy cars, and replacing them with electric cars might seem nice, these electric cars are now posing a problem too. Blind people heavily rely on the noise of cars to be able to navigate their way through streets, if you take away the noise, you take away the safety blind people have. They would no longer be able to leave their homes alone.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has mandated that car producers add an alert sound to the electric car, so that it is loud enough to be heard by pedestrians, but still quiet enough to be driven and enjoyed. While the government can't mandate a standard on what that sound should be, car companies, such as Ford, have turned to their customers to vote on a sound.
A few samples have been released by Ford and are available for listening on YouTube.
You should be warned though, these samples sound like a spaceship more than they do a car. If you happen to purchase one of the new Ford Focus cars, with the spaceship sound, don't be afraid to bring it in for a detail, if we can detail cars, and motorcyles, we could detail your spaceship car.
You can find the test sounds @fastcoexist.com. This is our favorite sound:

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