Library On Wheels

Have you ever seen a library on wheels? The people of Argentina certainly have. Car artist Raul Lemesoff has built a mobile library from a welded frame sitting atop and 1979 Ford Falcon. He drives around the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, pulling over for anyone who has an interest in books. He doesn't sell the books, he gives them away. Pedestrians and motorcyclists have even taken books right off the car while Raul is stopped at a light. Raul has loaded his car with 900+ books, all of which he gets from private donations. He calls his car the Weapon of Mass Instruction, his goal is to, "contribute to peace and understanding of people through literacy." Raul makes sure to drive his tank through Argentina's rural area, that way he bring his message and books to children who are less likely to go to school or have access to books. He is embarking on a journey to Bolivia and Peru next.
Raul is doing quite a remarkable thing, if he were to bring his tank into our location, we would definitely be faced with a challenge but, no challenge is too great for our staff here at the shop. We can handle any dirty or damaged car that needs a detailing.

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