Bullied Teen Gets a Brand New Ride

Jordan Addison is speechless when he sees his newly improved car.

Jordan Addison, a college student in Roanoke, Virginia had his car vandalized on 4 different occasions, including times when he had his car parked outside of his Virginia home and on campus. When Addison totaled up the cost to repair the damage, the cost was around $2,500, a price Addison stated was well out of his range, and saying "for a college student that's a lot of money."
Luckily, Jordan's story quickly got the ears of the press, and managed to get to the manager of a local auto shop. When the manager of the shop, Richard Henegar Jr. saw the damage, he was quick to respond, saying, "Once I saw the vandalism that was done to it I said that's uncalled for we're gonna fix your car that's the least we can do." Henegar enlisted the help of 10 other auto specialist shops in the area to not only fix Jordan's car, but give it a substantial upgrade, giving the car a paint job, tinted windows, new tires and rims, a subwoofer, and a brand new security system. An estimated value of about $10,000.

When the car was given back to Addison, he was speechless, only muttering, "It looks great. It hasn't looked that great the entire time I've had it." Catch Jordan's reaction @yahoo.com.

applauses the efforts made to fix the car of this young student.
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