Cars Need Bras Too

North West Auto Detail up in Oregon does a great job of putting together time lapse videos that show different options of auto detail services. This particular video shows the process of applying Clear Bra to a Ferrari Scuderia. Clear Bra is a thermoplastic urethane film applied to a car to protect from rocks, bugs, and debris that can damage the paint on your car. In simpler words, it serves the purpose of a screen protector on your cell phone.
Clear Bra serves as a huge shield against small debris your car will encounter every day, but it won't prevent the damage caused by larger rocks, hits or bumps from another item. It also protects the aesthetics and value of your car because if you ever decide to remove the film, the paint underneath it will still be in factory condition. But this is only the case if the clear bra has remained unbreached.

Would you ever want to put a Clear Bra on your car?


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