Metallica’s love for Classic cars

HetfieldVoodooPriest-courtesy of hemmings

For those of you that keep track of heavy metal and the car scene you probably know that Metallica lead singer James Hetfield and guitarist Kirk Hammett are car guys. In the upcoming Orion music festival to celebrate their love for cars they will have a motorcycle and car show. According to Hemming's classic car the show is free. Hemmings reports the following:according to Hetfield, “so everybody can get a taste of the automobile passion and obsession that I have. The idea is for a Metallica fan to come in and experience stuff they wouldn’t normally see if they wouldn’t normally go to a car show.” Awards will be given for the best custom, hot rod, muscle car and custom motorcycle at the show, and selected participants will receive two two-day general admission passes to the festival.

The festival takes place June 23 and 24 at Bader Field in Atlantic City, New Jersey, but the deadline for applications is May 15. For applications and for more information, visit Orionmusicandmore.com. It's probably a little too far to drive your classic car across the country but it would be a good excuse to jump on a coast to coast flight, sounds like fun. For all your Mobile classic car needs call Nathan at Havasu Detail 928-231-6678


What comes first Polish or Wax?

During the car cleaning process we often think that it's the natural progression to Wash, Wax and then Polish. Could that be right?

What's your guess? Well if you thought that it should be Wash, Polish and then Wax - You're right! The logic behind this is actually quite simple. Washing the car first is a no-brainer, you need to get rid of the dirt before you can actually do anything to the paint job. The reason for Polishing next is because polishing's function is to bring out the shine in the car. The polishing step is where you get the show car shine which we all aim for. Waxing serves as a protective coat on your paint. Think of waxing as sealing the previous 2 steps. So if you answered Wash, Polish then Wax you were right but if you wanted to save time and have a professional apply a new car shine to your car we're always here to help. Call us at (562) 438-1572 to schedule an appointment, please ask for Mitch and remember that we're always here to help at Long Beach Auto Detail.


Best 2012 Super Bowl Commercial

the seductive Fiat 500 commercial. "You'll never forget the first time you see one." - And when it is time to give her a car detail - call us at Havasu Mobile Detail so we can see it too.


How often should I wax my car?

Often we think about mechanical maintainance for our cars, oil changes, tire rotation, brakes and all the things that keep us rolling on the freeways but how about the body of the car? One added benefit of regular washes and waxes is higher resale value. If you really stop to think about it before people actually pop the hood they need to be interested in the shiny package. Here is some advice from howstuffworks.com
"Regular waxing also protects the paint from the daily wear and tear our cars get from being exposed to the outside world. Bird droppings, wind, rain, hail, tree sap, smog, ultraviolet rays from the sun -- you name it. There are a host of threats to your car's shiny finish." We'll do the dirty work for you at from washes and waxes to complete interior and exterior details. Think of it as a Spa Day for your car.
Call us to schedule your detail and we will come to you: 928-231-6678


Wash Me Artwork

Have you ever had that feeling that your car actually goes faster after it's been waxed? We get the feeling too but no scientific studies have ever backed up a car actually going faster due to it's cleanliness.

It does make it more enjoyable to drive in and also prevents those annoying "wash me" notes from being written on your dusty back window. Some people actually get very creative with dirty cars even using the dusty car as an opportunity for art. Known as the Dirty Car Artist, Scott Wade enjoys the artistic and ephemeral process of dirty car art. He create wonderfully beautiful pictures from dirty cars. Watch this video and even hear Scotts take on how his artistic process relates back to lives meaning for him. All in all - when you are ready for your car to get back into cleanly shape, stop by and we will detail it for you.

For more pictures of fun car art check out this link: @car-art


Paintless dent removal

Paintless dent repair is a fast, easy, affordable, harmless way to repair any ding or dent on your car. 80 to 90% of minor dings and dents can be fixed using paintless dent repair. A skilled technician uses specialized tools like metal rods and picks to massage out dings and dents on the finish of a vehicle. The technician works on the dent from the inside panel, accessing the dent from behind. In other words, the dent is massaged and pushed out. The process takes 10-20 minutes for a trained and experienced technician. Customers are happy with results and quickly on their way.


Click here for an animation of Paintless Dent Repair: